Solar Energy for Home & Business

Solar energy is collected from the sun through an array of solar panels, perfectly placed on your roof to capture the most amount of sunlight possible. This solar energy is then converted by your inverter into DC current for use throughout your home or business.

Knowing the size and position of a solar system that will work best for you depends on:

● Your energy usage throughout the year
● The orientation of your premises
● Surrounding foliage
● Which part of Australia you live in
● Your budget
● Future goals

A grid-connected solar system will feed excess solar energy you do not use during the day back into the grid, resulting in a financial credit on your energy account. A battery backup system will store any excess energy you generate during the day for you to use at night or when the weather is too overcast for your solar system to produce.

Make sure you only use a Clean Energy Council certified installer to carry out the installation to ensure that every safety precaution and law has been adhered to. Keep in mind that not every state requires a solar installer to be CEC approved, however, this is not a risk worth taking. While solar energy is free from the sun, your solar system will be connected to your electrical system so your installer must be a highly experienced electrician and fully qualified solar specialist. The CEC stamp of accreditation can provide you with this security.

There are significant government incentives still available for home and business owners that can save you thousands on the cost of your system. When combined with our green energy finance and network of accredited solar installers, your solar system can be organised quickly with you reaping the financial benefits from the minute it’s connected and turned on.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about solar and how we can support you to make the switch.

Benefits Of Solar

We often get asked if solar is worth the investment. The short answer is yes, so long as you invest in a quality solar solution that is going to provide energy gains at high levels for the expected 25+ year lifespan of the system.

With the correct size solar system for your needs, you can expect your energy bills to heavily reduce by at least 75%. However, bigger systems and battery storage can bring that number down to almost zero. Divert your energy savings into your solar system Green Loan Finance to pay your system off with ease and within a few short years pocket 100% of the savings (while also basking in the freedom from increasing energy rates each year).

Our Process

Making the switch to solar finally got easy with our Solar Energy Brokering Service

  • 1 Request an appointment.
  • 2 Meet our Solar Specialist in your home.
  • 3 Find the perfect solution for your solar energy requirements.
  • 4 We will liaise with the solar retailer and arrange installation on your behalf.