Solar panels on a residencial roof

A world first, end-to-end, hassle-free Solar comparison service

Elite Smart Energy Solutions is the brainchild of passionate Renewable Energy Executives Steve Hill and Varun Shetty.

Varun’s solar engineering and design knowledge are second to none in the Australian solar landscape where he has worked with many high profile partners and councils to support mandated carbon emissions reduction. Steve’s extensive experience working within the wholesale arm of solar has given him crystal clear visibility deep into the solar industry Australia-wide. This unique vantage point is what gives Steve the edge when it comes to uncovering any and all the tricks you might find designed to mislead customers.

We believe every Australian home and business should be provided with a solar energy solution that will guarantee drastically reduced power bills, long-term financial gains and a significant positive environmental impact. This can be achieved when working with Elite Smart Energy Solutions. Without any product or provider bias, our advice and recommendations are based purely on system performance, longevity and payback.

With potential State and Federal rebates applicable and affordable green loan finance, contact us today to book your Free, no-obligation solar consultation with one of our friendly Renewable energy specialists.


A Single Solution to High-Performance Renewable Energy

We are here to help you generate your own energy, store it and save money in these tough economic times. With imminent Global expansion plans across large markets - Elite Smart Energy Solutions is fast becoming the industry leader.


Our friendly team will visit your home or business and discuss your Renewable Energy requirements. Using an analysis of your energy use and our decades of experience, we will tailor a solar energy solution to fit your budget and slash your energy bills.


The impact of cheap solar has had a devastating effect on Australian home and business owners with a 2019 independent audit revealing tens of thousands of unsafe systems had been installed to date and many thousands more underperforming. We just won’t participate in it.


Low deposit green loan finance makes the installation of your solar system fast and seamless. Beware of zero interest finance where you will typically find the upfront purchase price inflated and exorbitant late fees to make up the interest-bearing losses.


When it comes to your solar system components, every piece is important. However, it’s your inverter that does most of the grunt work converting your solar energy into AC current for electrical use. Our 15-year extended inverter warranty is one of the best on the market.