Commercial Solar

Invest in commercial solar panels today to enjoy lower costs, high return on investment, and reduced carbon emissions.

Discover how commercial solar solutions can save your business hundreds of dollars by helping you go green and clean. Switch to solar power today.As energy costs rise across Australia and the worldwide view on reducing carbon emissions grows, commercial solar makes sense.

At Elite Smart Energy Solutions, we’ve worked with businesses throughout the country to lower electricity costs and benefit our environment. We’re a CEC approved solar retailer and use only the best brands compliant with Australian Standards.

commercial solar

Why You Should Consider Commercial Solar Power

When you install solar panels for commercial buildings, your business enjoys a range of benefits for both you and our planet. Slash your monthly bills and do your bit by going clean and green.

Enjoy Large Savings and Fast ROI

There’s no doubt that businesses endure large energy bills due to the number of machines and people in a company. With commercial solar installation, you pay for the initial setup, but after that, you enjoy free and clean energy from the sun.

Australia enjoys more sunshine than many parts of the world, meaning we make excellent use of commercial solar systems. Various setups are available to match your roof size and withstand harsh weather conditions and darkness.

Before long, your business enjoys a huge return on investment and isn’t awaiting the dreaded bill that arrives when using mains power. One company has the potential to save hundreds of dollars by choosing solar power.

The cost of electricity is only going to rise, so installing commercial solar panels now means you get a headstart on future savings. Once you set up the system, there are no bills.

Reduce Carbon Footprint and Improve Business Status

By going green, you reduce your carbon emissions and play a part in rebuilding our world to be cleaner and healthier. Consumers are becoming more ethical and taking steps to improve how we treat our planet.

Your new environmentally-friendly status boosts your reputation with clients through green credentials, improving your business status as a result.

How Can a Commercial Solar System Save You Money?

Any business can take advantage of a commercial solar connection and reap the benefits. As long as your company uses power, you can enjoy savings and dramatically reduce monthly electricity costs in the following ways.


Most Businesses Operate Between 9–5

Most businesses operate between 9–5. As these hours are the sunniest, the commercial solar installation pays for itself quickly and many times over.


More Space, Bigger System

Large commercial organisations and manufacturers tend to have larger roof areas, meaning more space for bigger systems. These installations are tax-deductible too.


Energy Cost Significantly Reduced

After you switch to commercial solar, the energy you buy from retailers significantly reduces. This means you protect yourself against increases in electricity costs in the future.


Receive Feed-In Tariffs

If you have unused power from the solar system, it gets stored in a battery and returns to the grid to receive feed-in tariffs.


Expect More Clients and Customers

Due to low energy costs and reduced carbon footprint, your business can promote better prices and appeal to green consumers. Expect more clients and customers by implementing commercial solar systems.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Solar Systems

Do you want to know more about how commercial solar installation works and what to consider? Check out the most common queries and our expert answers below.

What Do I Need to Consider Before Installing a Commercial Solar System?

Before you invest in commercial solar power, consider the following factors to determine cost-effectiveness for your business:


The System Size

Although bigger systems cost more to set up, the price per watt is less than small installations due to economies of scale.


Operation & Maintenance

These expenses are usually lower for commercial solar panels and pipes than other power generation methods. Expect to pay for occasional cleaning, visual exams and repairs, and substitution of components.


Solar Production

The results you get depend on the correct orientation and pitch and your location.


Setup Complexity

Some of the more complex installations require ground-mounted systems. These setups cost more because workers have to build custom systems and work around deterrents.