Commercial LED


Australia is moving towards greater energy efficiency. Are you ready to join the club? The first step is to move away from hot halogens and inefficient fluorescents and adopt commercial LED lights.


Modernising your light systems is easier with Elite Smart Energy Solutions. We’ve done the legwork—it’s time you took advantage of our expertise.


Why choose LED? To lower operation costs, provide better illumination, and reduce your environmental impact. Read on to learn all about LED upgrades and start the switch today.


Areas That Should Upgrade to LED

Commercial LED lights are enterprise-level light systems. They’re built to endure continual usage without compromising quality.


They’re also task-oriented, with designs to suit different company types. An LED upgrade delivers greater visibility, reduced safety risks, and lower operation and maintenance expenditures, no matter the industry.


Wondering whether your business can reap these benefits? Here are the commercial areas that profit from revamping their lights.


Office Spaces

Offices choose LED upgrades to increase productivity and employee satisfaction. These lamps emit the white and blue spectrums, encouraging alertness and concentration. As such, they supply the perfect task lighting for desk jobs.


What’s more, LEDs are precise. They eliminate shadows, insufficient light patches, and glare against computer screens. A better working environment is possible without mounting overheads.


Stores & Showrooms

Cleverly placed lighting can make or break a sale. Commercial LED lights distribute light evenly in shops and showrooms, making them more attractive to customers.


Moreover, LEDs cover the entire light spectrum, letting you build up an inviting ambience. Their versatility covers everything from cosy yellows for furniture sales to a sharp white for high-tech showcases.


Shopping Centres

Commercial LED lights are the go-to for large shopping centres. Besides illuminating massive areas for a fraction of the cost, their adjustable colour temperature and luminosity facilitate customer command and comfort.


You can also play with spectrums to create attractive advertisements and point customers to choice stores.


Manufacturing Units

LED upgrades are conducive to productivity in industrial establishments. Heat-emitting halogens and metal halides produce glare and overheat the space, making it stuffy and unsafe. LEDs keep the air and the surroundings clear.


The even coverage does wonders for workplace safety. Lack of visibility can cause accidents, and risks plummet with this attention-grabbing light.



Commercial LED lights offer a favourable warehouse environment for employees. They can boost performance by providing better visibility, cooler air, and focused white light.


These lights are also flexible. Dim and brighten areas on demand rather than keeping the site lit 24/7 and save even more.


FAQs About Changing to Commercial LED Bulbs

Do you have any lingering questions about commercial LED lights and your upgrade prospects? Here’s everything you need to know in one place.


What Are the Types of Commercial LED Lights?

After analysing your requirements, our LED upgrade programme replaces your old halogens and fluorescents with one of these lamp types:


  • LED high bays—designed to cover areas with high ceilings (over 4 metres high).
  • LED panels—diffuse, evenly-distributed diode plates to mount on walls or ceilings.
  • LED tubes and battens—round and sleek lights for focused office illumination.
  • LED flood lights—small outdoor lamps with high intensity and spot-free coverage.


Why Do Commercial Buildings Use LED Lights?

Commercial LED lights are an across-the-board upgrade for enterprises. Install LEDs to enjoy the following perks:


  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Lower maintenance requirements
  • Higher-quality light exposure
  • Reduced shadows and glare
  • Ability to dim or change spectrums
  • Easy activation and switching


This modern solution also reduces overall energy use, making the company eco-friendlier.


Can You Change Any Bulb to LED?

In most cases, moving to LED is a simple affair. Commercial LED lights are often designed as retrofits, adapting to most existing fittings.


Manufacturers in our network produce lamps with ease of use in mind. You can fit the new LEDs into your space without running it through a massive overhaul.


Are LED Light Systems Cheaper?

Commercial LED lights require an upfront investment, but they soon pay for themselves. LEDs are 32% cheaper than fluorescents and over 80% cheaper than iridescent bulbs.


Another savings area is maintenance. Since these systems have greater longevity, companies spend less money on fixes and upgrades.


What Is the Impact of Switching to LED Light Bulbs?

There are numerous reasons for an LED upgrade; most have to do with the inefficiencies of older systems. Halogens create plenty of unwanted heat; fluorescent tubes are cooler, but they emit light in all directions, creating shadows and glare.


Commercial LED lights boast superior efficiency. They produce minimal heat, converting over 85% of energy into light. Each lamp lasts for 30–50 thousand operational hours, shaving hundreds off your yearly replacement costs. The output is well-focused, even illumination.


How to Change to LED Lights?

LED upgrades improve your operations and protect your budget. Sounds perfect; where do you sign up?


Elite Smart Energy Solutions streamlines the shift. We tackle the end-to-end lifecycle of your LED upgrade, from provider selection to sourcing, certification, and post-installation support.


We also examine whether you qualify for the NSW Energy Saving Scheme, Victorian Energy Upgrades programme, or the Victorian Energy Savings Scheme. These three state incentives make your energy consumption changes cheaper and more profitable.


We analyse your daily operations and current energy usage to help you determine an optimal long-term option. You have the autonomy to choose products that seem the best for you, but our expert electricians are here to help.


We coordinate quotes with our vetted network of commercial LED light manufacturers. Cooperate with us to get honest, high-quality recommendations. Pick one, and we’ll take you through the steps to set everything up.


Contact us today and let our knowledgeable and supportive team assist your transition. They’ll shed light on pertinent information and get you moving toward better, cleaner energy.