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How does an in-home display work?

Get on top of your energy usage today!


Start saving energy and money today with our in-home display energy monitor. It’s an easy-to-use device that connects directly to your phone. Do you want to reduce those high energy bills or be more environmentally friendly? Then it’s the perfect addition to your home.


Our energy monitor gives you real-time consumption reports even when away from home. Smart technology helps you monitor energy usage in-home and optimise your energy distribution. It also sends you alerts for wasted energy and helps you set up a budget.


More Australians are saving energy and money with the recent Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program and Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme. Now you can become one of them. Improvements in efficient energy go a long way in prolonging the health of our beloved earth. 


Our friendly team at Elite Smart Energy Solutions will help you get started. We’re passionate about affordable energy for all, and we’ll happily give you advice for saving as much energy as you can. 


All Your Energy Information At Your Fingertips

The in-home display energy monitor is a small device with big benefits. It’s a smart system that helps you manage your home energy usage. Connect it to your smart electricity meter, then link it to your phone.


Once you’ve set the monitor up, it sends all the information you need straight to your mobile device. It gives you daily reports and allows you to take advantage of several energy-saving features, including:


Watch Real-time Energy Monitoring

Whether at home, at work, or away on holiday, the handy mobile app helps you stay up-to-date with your energy usage. The in-home energy monitor and app work hand in hand, showing you where your household is using electricity in real-time.


Receive Automatic Alerts

Are you tired of wasting energy and unsure which sources are being greedy in your household? The app sends you automatic alerts for wasted energy. Identify the appliances using the most power and reduce energy consumption straight away.


Set up budgets for your home or business to receive personalised alerts and better allocate energy usage. 


Diminish High Electricity Bills

The more conscious you become of your energy usage, the lower your electricity costs. Monitor energy use in-home and save up to 15% on your bills.


Connect Your Family

If you’ve got a family, you understand the struggles of trying to get everyone to save more energy. Connect your entire family to the app so each member can become more aware of household energy usage.


The app is available on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. It’s a user-friendly app for all ages and helps increase awareness of how you use energy.


Access Personalised Tips

Once your family is connected, set up the app to send each family member personalised energy-saving tips. The in-home energy monitor sends you specific recommendations via the app to help you better manage your energy consumption


Employees in your company can receive tips for where they can reduce energy consumption in the workplace.


Leave a Smaller Carbon Footprint

With more households across Australia adopting solar energy and smart systems; we’re on our way to reducing our carbon footprint. By installing this monitor in your home, you’re saving your own money and the environment.


How Does an In-home Display Work?

The in-home display energy monitor connects to your smart meter and explores each power source throughout your house. It gathers data on electrical signatures and breaks them down to pinpoint specific energy usage of each appliance or device.


The monitor then converts the data into a handy report for you to view. You’ll see the information on the display or in your mobile app. From there, determine which sources use the most or the least energy.


When you monitor energy usage in-home, the display lets you see devices, appliances, plugs, or lights that may be using energy unnecessarily. Over time, this helps you become more conscious of forgotten power sources you can turn off to save energy. 


One of the best features of the in-home display is that it specifically tailors energy-saving tips for you. It won’t do the job of reducing your usage, but it brings your attention to areas you can make changes. 


There might be an open refrigerator door or a stovetop someone didn’t switch off. By monitoring energy use in-home, you become more aware of wasted power. The app lets you track these trends so you can improve them or reduce power spikes and save more energy.


Business owners can connect employees to the app if you install the monitor in your company. By getting staff to be more conscious of their energy usage, you’ll bring down company costs in the long run.


The monitor works well with solar panels and a power inverter if you have them. These installations are wise investments to help you become more environmentally friendly and reduce your living costs.


Get On Top Of Your Energy Usage Today

The in-home display energy monitor is the best device for your home or business. With increasing electricity costs and stricter regulations across the country, today is the best day to start saving energy.


Start reaping the benefits of this handy device within a few days after installation. When your next electricity bill arrives, you’ll be ecstatic to see the reduced energy costs!


Where to start? 


First, ensure you already have a smart meter installed. The in-home energy monitor works closely with it to track electric signals throughout your home or office. 


Speak to us for more information about getting a smart meter. Contact us at Elite Smart Energy Solutions to get a quote today. 


Once purchased, we’ll send one of our team members to deliver your new device and help you set it up. With over 50 years of energy and solar experience, we’ll help you start saving energy immediately. 


Get on top of your energy usage today and purchase your own in-home display energy monitor. Great news! If you live in Victoria installation is free under the VEU scheme. Soon, your home or business will be cleaner and greener, contributing to a better future for all.