Water-efficient Shower Heads


Are you looking for an easy way to lower your monthly utility costs without reducing your quality of life?


Water-efficient shower heads could be the solution you’re searching for, offering convenience without breaking the bank.


These fixtures have become incredibly popular in Australia as more households opt for energy-saving options.


So, is it worth your time to make the switch?


Here we bring you up to speed with this low-flow product and how Victorian residents can upgrade for free.


Why Upgrade Your Shower Heads?

Upgrading your home with water-efficient units doesn’t just give your bathroom a modern finish. These units also offer unique benefits that’ll help your wallet and our environment, like:


  • Reduce monthly utility costs
  • Save precious water
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High-pressure showers


Saves You Money

Opting for a shower head upgrade in your home or business could save a whopping $260 per unit annually.


Reduced Carbon Footprint

It’s impossible to ignore the negative impact that we have on the planet. These low-flow products reduce your overall carbon footprint by lowering your water usage by 40–50%.


Massage-like Pressure

Don’t think that you need to sacrifice your shower time to save the environment. Water-saving shower heads come with high-pressure nozzles to ensure you can relax with a clean conscience.


Shower Head Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that every household is different, and you might have a few additional questions before upgrading your bathrooms. If you don’t find an answer below, call us for help.


Do I Need to Install My Water-efficient Shower Head?

No. If you pick Elite Smart Energy Solutions, we’ll do everything for you, so you don’t have to lift a finger. We’ll arrange everything, including installing the water-saving shower heads, by our in-house technicians.


Plus, you’ll get continuous support from our service team to ensure everything remains hassle-free.


Will Water-efficient Shower Heads Reduce My Monthly Utility Bill?

Yes. Thanks to the eco-friendly design and functions, households that have opted for a shower head upgrade save over $260 annually. 


Do Water-efficient Shower Heads Come With a Warranty?

All water-efficient shower heads installed by Elite Smart Energy Solutions come with warranties to give you extra protection.


Remember that it’s still important to understand the terms and conditions of a product regardless of how long the warranty is. That way, you can avoid any issues if a fault does occur.


Do You Qualify for a Shower Head Upgrade?

Water-saving shower heads are a brilliant way to cut monthly costs without sacrificing your quality of life. Plus, thanks to the Victorian Energy Upgrades scheme, residents can upgrade for free.


Are you ready to take the next step towards eco-friendly living and enjoy the added benefits?


All you need to qualify for these upgrades are the following:


  • Hold an existing account with your local water provider.
  • Own or rent a property in Victoria, South Australia.


That’s it!


So what are you waiting for?


Register for your Free Showerhead upgrade today and start saving water and money straight away.